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Do you want to become a superhero? Get the latest superhero games and live the adventures of your favorite heroes.
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- Wider display for enhanced compatibility with modern phones in either landscape orientation, whilst still retaining support for older 32-bit devices.
- Faster frame rate is recommended by default (130%).


Do you want to become a superhero? Get the latest superhero games and live the adventures of your favourite heroes. Super City Mod Apk is a fantastic game with all the features of a city builder and a superhero simulator packed into one epic game.

You can explore the city as any hero and use your powers to fight villains and protect citizens. You can also customize your hero’s look, choose their unique superpower, and set their fighting style to either melee or ranged combat. Check out this awesome game below for yourself!

The gameplay of Super City Mod Apk

This game will allow you to be whoever you want to be! Fight crimes with Batman, save citizens from zombies with Thor or become a fireman with Superman. The best part is that every superhero has different skills they bring into the game—Super City Mod Apk (All Unlocked) Download Gameplay.

Super City Mod Apk 2
Super City Mod Apk Download

Customization Super City Mod Apk

One of the best features of this game is the customization options. You can choose your character, your gender, your abilities, and even your clothes.

Super City is a free game with in-app purchases. It’s an excellent game for anyone who loves superheroes or city builder games.

Weapons and Gear

Each hero starts with a basic set of weapons and gear, but there is a lot more where that came from. You can collect and use new weapons and armour to level up and take on more challenging missions. You can even customize your hero’s look by changing their outfit, hairstyle, facial features, and accessories.

Super City Mod Apk 8
Super City Mod Apk Latest Version


Use the touchscreen to explore and fight.

Fight Skills

Fighting skills are what you need to use your hero’s powers. These skills are the same as any other fighting game. You can get a combo, use blocks, or jump around to fight enemies. Fighting skills are essential because without them, how else would you defeat the villains?


The game has many missions and a decent selection of weapons and gadgets. The graphics are not the best, but they are not bad either.



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